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Coat hangers in wengé or cedar give warmth and cachet to your interior. The leaf hook in contrasting finishes provides the freedom for individual styling of your RiZZ wardrobe. You may select various colors, new materials or exclusive copper and brass accessories to finish your wardrobe. In order to keep your wardrobe system up to date over the years we bring limited editions accessories in trendy colors.

The Sparrow Coat hanger


“In our quest for the ideal thickness for the
coat hanger we found that male and female
respondents both had their own favourite.
Therefore we created 3 versions dedicated to
you. I hope you will come to love your own
Teun Fleskens, designer

Repels_Mothsrepels moths

Why to buy?

  • The natural scent of cedar wood keeps moths
    out of your wardrobe. No chemicals required
  • The solid appearance of ‘The Sparrow’ coat hanger
    makes it hard to believe that it is so comfortably
  • The coat hanger is made of cedar with a sustainable
    Birchwood core
  • The collection of coat hangers fits most wardrobe
    systems, yet it is designed specifically to complete
    the RiZZ wardrobe system
  • Made in the Netherlands

for him

Set of 3 € 76,00
RiZZ art. nr. 24.05.512


for her

Set of 3 € 76,00
RiZZ art. nr. 24.05.612


for kids

Set of 3 € 66,00
RiZZ art. nr. 24.05.712

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