10-year warranty – Exceptional craftsmanship since 1941 – Temporarily free shipping*

10-year warranty


From Earth to Elegance

The Modern Nature-Inspired Movement.

From Earth to Elegance

The Modern Nature-Inspired Movement.

From Earth to Elegance

The Modern Nature-Inspired Movement.

Infuse entrance spaces with timeless, modern beauty and functionality.

Introducing our exclusive luxury mats and brooms, perfect for opulent homes, establishments and projects. RiZZ Design offers a seamless transition from outside to inside, enhancing the grandeur of any high-end entrance. Choose from 4 stylish colors, 3 standard sizes and custom options.

B2B program

We share your passion for dedication to
excellence and strive only for the best possible quality and design. Browse our exclusive collection, choose your desired products and have them delivered globally with attractive B2B pricing, easy online ordering 24/7, Worldwide drop shipment options and Customer friendly sales support department.

What our customers are saying

The only one thing matters to us is our customers satisfaction.

We believe we make the best mats and brooms globally and dare give a 10-year warranty.

Lisa Fiandola

Florida, USA

We live in the US and had absolutely no issues with delivery. The mat is very high quality and love it. Its beautiful.

Tanguy Hubner

Tienen, Flemish Region, Belgium
Very high-quality products. Thick and solid. And the support/team is also super friendly and quick would you need them for any
reason. Love it 🙂


Farr West,
utah, USA

The best doormat that I purchased till now! Love it! Amazing quality and design. I was pretty unsure cause they are from Netherlands and I was ordering from the US. But it received on time.

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  • Step 1: Fill in the required fields in the form below.
  • Step 2: Once submitted, you will receive a confirmation email for your registration.
  • Step 3: Eric, our dedicated team member, will connect with you to discuss the ideal terms and conditions. (Due to the summer season and high demand, please allow 3 working days for Eric to connect with you).
  • Step 4: Ready to order!

Join our community of architects today who have discovered the excellence of RiZZ Luxury Mats and Brooms and transform your entrance designs into an impeccable ones.

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