High quality materials and a well-designed appearance fit right in with the style of your home. Our visual design philosophy is called “incognito”. You will enjoy the refined craftmanship any time that you use the product.

Teun Fleskens is a product and interior designer. For the past years he has been working with RiZZ to create a sustainable collection.

In a few words his style could be described as pure, natural versus industrial and clearly present but not demanding.


What’s most important about his designs is that the products are not only functional but overall meaningful. He creates products with added value for users and environment. The concept is very important. This can be a serious statement or just making a smile appear; capturing the essence of this conceptual thinking into a minimalistic design.

Teun uses this design philosophy in his cooperation with RiZZ. Together they make sure that every product is produced in the most sustainable and environment-friendly way, keeping an eye on the total life cycle of the product.