Can I replace the brush?
You won’t need to. In regular use it will last for over 10 years before it wears out.
Accidents can always happen. For instance, when a car drives over the mat etc. RiZZ can repair the mat for you. Contact us to inquire about costs and lead-time.

Can I use the mat inside?
It is possible, but we do not recommend it. Let’s keep all that dirt outside. Inside you can use the RiZZ indoor doormat, which is the best option to get the moist out.

Does the mat take care of moist?
No, it is designed to use outside (where the rain will do some additional cleaning for you). It will scrape of excess waterdrops. The most practical combination is with a RiZZ indoor dry mat.

I am afraid the mat could get stolen?
In all these years we heard of only a few RiZZ doormats that were stolen. This was usually from a shop where the price label was still attached. The mat is a functional product, flat on the floor. The design is kind of incognito, it will blend in in the surroundings.

How do I clean the mat?
Lift the mat on one side. Use a broom to sweep away all the sand. It never stops to amaze how much sand will be under the mat (and not in the house). Occasionally you could use water and a brush to clean the mat itself. A mild detergent or green soap can help.

If you so please, the optional teak profile can be left to grey naturally or maintained with teak oil to preserve the warm appearance of the wood.