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The easiest way is to order your products online in our webshop. We are a family run business and produce all our products in our factory in Nijkerk, The Netherlands. If you want to see and feel the products first you van visit one of our (premium) dealers. Premium dealers have all our products. For other dealers please call first for availability. You will find your nearest dealer here.
First of all; the design. There is really no comparison to others brooms with, for example, the known orange hairs. This broom is a design statement which you hang on the wall, in sight, by using the trumpet hook. A matching trumpet hook is delivered with every broom. The color possibilities of the brooms match the outdoor- and indoor mat. Together they complete the RiZZ concept to keep your home and terrace clean in style. Second is the quality. The brooms have a closed hair structure instead of the open structure that other brooms have. Therefor the dirt does not get stuck in the RiZZ brooms. The broom will truly move the dirt at a single sweep.
The outdoor mat scrapes of all the dirt and excess raindrops, but does not dry the shoes. The indoor mat absorbs the moist. And last but not least; the two design mats make a great combination!

Don’t worry. At RiZZ you can order custom made sized mats too. Custom sized mats are great for unique buildings and entrances. In the past we have delivered custom sized mats for palaces as well! Please fill out the form below to show your interest.

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As to the functionality you need a mat at every entrance to the house. As to the design, the mat really finishes the styling of the entrance or the terrace. I you truly value your home and your guests the beautiful products of RiZZ will reflect your lifestyle.
First of all; the design. You will not find another outdoor mat with such a luxurious appearance. Because of the different colors you can match the mat with your garden furniture, your garden door(‘s) or your entrance. Second is the quality. Our customer use the mat for more than 10 years and even then it is still fully functional. The RiZZ| Outdoor mat scrapes of over 80% more dirt than others mats. The open structure provides that the dirt falls between the brushes instead of getting stuck in the mat.
Yes, but not better than “ordinary” products. but it is designed to use outside (where the rain will do some additional cleaning for you). It will scrape of excess water drops. The most practical combination is with a RiZZ indoor dry mat.
When roofed by a patio or shade this could be possible, but we do not recommend it. We suggest you keep all that dirt outside with the outdoor scraping mat. Inside is the best place for the indoor drying doormat, which is the best option to get the moist out.
You can have the mat steamed when needed. The fabric’s open structure is fast drying. When vacuum cleaning, simply hoover the fabric as well.
Lift the mat on one side. Use a broom to sweep away all the sand. It never stops to amaze how much sand will be under the mat (and not in the house). Occasionally you could use water and a brush to clean the mat itself. A mild detergent or green soap can help.