Frequently asked questions

RiZZ out-door mat

  • A RiZZ doormat is designed for outdoor use on the patio, entrance, front or back door. The doormat removes sand and dirt and is the single most effective product available. Even with profiled soles there is 80% efficiency. Requires minimal maintenance and is easy to clean. Equipped with anti-slip. 

  • When you use the mat on a daily basis (at your front door) it will normally last over 10 years before the brushes wear out.

  • Under normal circumstances you won’t need to replace the brushes. However, we understand that accidents can always happen. In this case, RiZZ can repair the mat for you. Contact us to inquire about costs and lead-time.

  • No, it is specifically designed to use outside (where the rain will do some additional cleaning for you). It will scrape of excess water drops. The most practical combination is with a RiZZ indoor- mat.

  • Lift the mat on one side. Use a broom to sweep away all the sand. It never stops to amaze how much sand will be under the mat (and not in the house). Occasionally you could use water and a brush to clean the mat itself. A mild detergent or green soap can help.

RiZZ out-door and in-door broom

  • Both brooms consist of 2 brushes. The in-door version is slightly thinner in comparison to the out-door version. This is due to the fact that you normally do heavy duty work outside and some light sweeping inside of the house. For the out-door broom we advise the teak broom. Teak wood is stronger than ash wood when it comes to the different types of seasons.

  • Our broom is available in 3 sizes.  As such, you can select the right fit for your home. Our large (50 cm) broom easily covers large surfaces. The medium (40 cm) sized broom fits everywhere. The small (30 cm) broom is an ideal fit between chairs. With these 3 sizes we make sure there is always a RiZZ broom sized to match your interior/exterior.

  • This depends on the frequency that you use the broom of course. When you start noticing that it doesn’t sweep away all the dirt anymore it is time to order a replacement set.

  • You can order a replacement set directly by RiZZ or at your local RiZZ dealer. When doing so, make sure you inform us about the right size, colour of the endcaps and if it’s an out-door or in-door broom. If you registered your product on our website we make sure you are able to see your purchases and make it easy to re-order a product.


    1. Push the two buttons and remove the caps.
    2. Remove the brushes and replace them with new brushes.
    3. Put the caps back into the sides.
    4. Done!
  • To prevent the brushes from deforming it is advisable to hang the broom on the wall. This is easy to do so with the leather strap that is attached to the broom and the trumpet. Both the leather strap and the trumpet are included in the total price.

RiZZ in-door mat

  • In addition to our existing out-door mat we created a RiZZ in-door mat. Specifically designed to dry your shoes. Executed with an elegant leather edge surrounding the material to give the mat its unique and exclusive look. Requires minimal maintenance.

  • Yes, it does. The in-door mat is created to dry your shoes. The most ideal combination is to first use our out-door mat to get rid of dirt and then, once you enter your house, to dry your shoes by using the in-door mat.

  • When roofed by a patio or shade this could be possible, but we do not recommend it. We suggest you keep all that dirt outside with the RiZZ out-door mat. Inside is the best place for the indoor drying doormat, which is the best option to get the moist out.

  • Yes, it is available in anthracite, white and natural. These colors go very well together with our anthracite, white and silver out-door mats. To finish it all off we designed the RiZZ broom in ash wood and teak wood. Available in anthracite, white and silver. In this way we can offer you a complete RiZZ collection.

  • When vacuum cleaning, simply hoover the fabric as well. If necessary, you can have the mat steamed when needed.