In the beginning of 2001, Trudie Zuiddam hatched the plan to “make the best doormat in the world”. The bristle factory of the entrepreneurs couple Mr. and Mrs. Zuiddam produced the high-quality bristles needed to give the doormat its unique features. The surging market for exclusive garden furniture brought along a client base for a high-end product such as this one. In 2006, the mat was launched in The Netherlands. As early as September 2007, during the Maison et Objet design exhibition in Paris, RiZZ experienced its international breakthrough. Ever since, the RiZZ doormat knows many a satisfied user worldwide. In trendy cities such as Oslo, Stockholm, Hamburg, Amsterdam, Antwerp, London, Paris, New York, and everywhere in between, RiZZ dealerships can be found.


The high dirt uptake of the mat is a fact well known and appreciated on worldly islands such as the German island Sylt, the French Ile de Ré and the exotic Reunión. Extreme cold and heat neither pose problems; the mat is used in skiing areas all over the world as well as the most extraordinary places in the Middle East, Africa, Australia etc. The RiZZ bristle factory in Nijkerk was founded in 1941 by (grand)father Hendrik Zuiddam and his brothers. Trudie Zuiddam passed away in 2009, but her husband Evert Zuiddam and their son Sebastiaan Zuiddam (2nd and 3rd generation in the family business) have continued her work. Centred around the mat, an entire collection of products designed for the entrance of houses and buildings was developed. In 2016, RiZZ celebrated the 10th anniversary of the RiZZ mat with a limited edition.