Luxury Doormats in Three Perfect Sizes

Your home’s entrance is more than just a threshold into your living space, it’s the first
impression you offer to guests and a glimpse of what to expect inside.

A great way to elevate the space is with a luxury doormat that fits both the space and complements your own personal style. RiZZ luxury doormats have quickly become the epitome of functional elegance and the go-to luxury entryway accessory, so in this blog we take a closer look at the sizing options available, so you can be sure to get the right fit for your home.


Get the Perfect Size Doormat with RiZZ

Regular: A Subtle Yet Stylish Greeting

The regular-sized doormat is the perfect introduction to your home. Designed to fit most standard entrances, this option effortlessly combines form and function.

Crafted with precision, these doormats effortlessly absorb moisture and debris, ensuring your floors remain pristine. The regular size is a versatile choice for urban apartments, townhouses, and single-entry homes, offering a subtle yet stylish greeting to all who enter.

Wide: More is More

For those with broader entryways or those wanting to make a statement, the wide-sized luxury doormat is a flawless choice. This size offers an additional 30 cm of width compared with the regular mat to showcase the exceptional design and craftsmanship that RiZZ is renowned for.
Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the wide doormat allows you to accommodate larger groups of guests while keeping your floors impeccably clean. Whether your home boasts a spacious front porch or an expansive entry corridor, the wide doormat effortlessly complements your home’s
scale and elegance.

Double (Patio): A Luxurious Threshold to the Outdoors

For those who cherish the outdoor spaces of their homes as much as the indoors, the double (patio) doormat is a testament to opulent living. Crafted with the same precision and attention to detail as its counterparts, the double-sized doormat extends a luxurious welcome to your patio or outdoor living area. It’s the ideal bridge between your interior oasis and the world outside, ensuring a seamless transition while keeping dirt and moisture at bay. As you step from your cosy abode to your outdoor sanctuary, the double doormat adds a touch of sophistication that
knows no bounds.


Unveil Elegance Every Day


A RiZZ luxury doormat goes beyond the conventional, it redefines the very essence of welcoming. The meticulous consideration given to each size demonstrates our commitment to
meeting the diverse needs of every homeowner. From the simple regular size to the expansive double (patio) option, our luxury doormats allow you to unveil elegance every day. Elevate your
entryway with a touch of luxury, and let your doormat be a conversation starter, a style statement, or an invitation to experience the beauty that lies within your home.

In a world where first impressions matter, RiZZ doormats ensure your home’s entrance speaks volumes. Choose the perfect size for your home and transform your entryway into an experience that sets the tone for the remarkable living space that lies beyond.

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