Our New Limited Edition Black Door Mat

Everything looks better in black, right? That’s why, in celebration of 80 years of production, we’ve launched our limited edition black mat.

RiZZ doormat Renson Experience

Incorporating the same cutting edge design and premium materials, our limited edition black mat is guaranteed to add that touch of modern elegance to any home.  

The history behind the design

We pride ourselves on being a family run business based in the Netherlands that has been producing out of Nijkerk since 1941. Over that time, the business has grown in size and reputation as a luxury brand that combines modern design and high quality materials to produce the best handcrafted doormats and brooms for the modern home.  

Our unique range of sustainable luxury products is designed in-house and are still made by craftsmen using traditional methods, ensuring that the quality of each product is exceptional. 

The new limited edition black mat 

In celebration of 80 years, we have created a limited edition black doormat. This outdoor mat combines all the unique features customers can expect from our usual high quality mats but with the added benefit of exclusivity. Be one of the lucky few to own this stylish new mat. 

Get the limited edition black doormat and experience;

  • Modern simplicity
  • Elegant luxury with added sophistication
  • Unique design & state of the art functionality 
  • The must have accessory that complements any home and terrace entrance
  • Exclusivity; with only a limited number in production 

Available in three standard sizes, this new mat can be custom made with or without a solid-teak inlay to give a more natural feel.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to add this limited handcrafted mat to your home, order today!

For more information about our products, click on luxury door mats or luxury brooms.

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