Which RiZZ Luxury Doormat Is Right For You?


At RiZZ, we provide high-quality, luxury doormats made from the finest materials. Sustainability sourced and handcrafted, the range includes both indoor and outdoor mats, available in a variety of finishes to suit any home. With a focus on quality design and craftsmanship, these mats are designed to last, while making a statement.

RiZZ Luxury Doormat

If you’re in search of a long-lasting doormat to decorate your entrance or terrace area, RiZZ has you covered. The question is, which mat is the perfect fit for you and your home?

Outdoor mats to make the perfect entrance

Our outdoor mats are luxury and functionality combined. Crafted with top-quality aluminium frames with the option of solid teak wood inlay, these mats not only elevate the look of your outdoor area, but are also built to last. 

 Their innovative brush strip technology and unique open structure are designed to work together to remove 80% more dirt than standard mats, keeping your home clean and debris free.

Choose from three standard sizes and colours, or create a custom size mat to suit your every need. 

Indoor mats to suit your style

Our indoor mats are a high-quality option for those in search of durable and stylish solutions. Available in three different sizes and colours, these mats are made with genuine leather and feature high absorbency carpets for excellent moisture control.

Each mat has been designed with anti-slip properties to keep you safe and secure. So, whether you’re looking for a mat to use in your entryway or in other areas of your home, RiZZ indoor mats are a great choice for those who value quality and style. Order your mat today and receive our 10 year warranty

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