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10-year warranty


RiZZ has developed an extra-long outdoor mat specially made for double patio or sliding doors. This double doormat has a size of 175×70 cm and therefore provides a grand entrance to your garden or terrace. The longer mat comes in a width of 175 cm because, in practice, this appears to be the most common size for patio doors. We sell these mats in 3 colours; anthracite, white and silver. Optionally, you can opt for a teak finish.

How does this double outdoor mat work?

The outer mat easily removes the worst of excessive dirt and sand, even from profiled soles. The excessive sand and dirt are left behind before entering the house.
It does not matter where you place our mats. They are used in various locations ranging from the beach to winter sports resorts.

Unprecedented quality and design

The quality of this mat is unprecedented and can easily last ten years, and it is therefore extra durable. The mat was designed by Trudie Zuiddam and is known as the best outdoor mat in the world.
We are very proud of this product produced in our factory in Nijkerk. Would you like to know more about the history of the product? Then view our history or surf to our ‘RiZZ 75-year anniversary’ website.

“Our ambition; a seamless transition between indoors and outdoors”

Indoor doormat double door

There is also a matching inner mat in the exact dimensions to complete the whole. This indoor mat absorbs moisture so that your home stays dry even on rainy days, when it snows or when using an outdoor pool.
The RiZZ indoor mats have a luxurious natural leather edge in 3 different colours that seamlessly match the outdoor mat’s design (and color scheme).

Custom outdoor mat and custom indoor mat

Are you looking for a custom (outdoor) mat that exactly matches your entrance? Look here for more information on the custom outdoor mats page.

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