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A luxurious welcome in your entrance

The indoor mat dries your sole after the outdoor mat has removed the dirt. The high-quality interior has up to 80% more absorption capacity. The edge is finished with genuine cow leather and provides a beautiful combination with the outdoor mat. The anti-slip underlay does not contain any chemical plasticizers that can damage your floor.


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Indoor mat

Designed for indoor use. This doormat dries your shoes like no other.

It is the single most effective product available. 300% increased efficiency in moist absorption. Durable anti-slip, anti-stain backing.

Hotel quality materials make sure that the RiZZ doormat will serve you well for 10+ years.

Exceptional quality

Genuine leather in anthracite, white and brown.
Stain-free, anti-slip durable backing.

The fabric’s open structure is fast drying.
When vacuum cleaning, simply hoover the fabric as well.
You can have the mat steamed when needed.

The heart of the doormat is the fibre.
A melange of frisé fibres 300 rpm 1600 g/m2 in hotel quality.

RiZZ is manufacturing for over 7 decades.
It takes over 10 years for the door-mat to wear out.
When the years pass the functionality remains at the same level.

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Anthracite, Natural, White

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In-door mat

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90×60 cm single door, 120×70 cm large door, 175×70 cm patio door



Indoor mat benefits

- Indoor mat with high-loop frisé fibers
- Look and feel of a luxury rug
- Extremely durable
- Takes 300% more moist than ordinary products
- 13mm loop height
- Minimal maintenance
- Simply hoover to clean
- High quality leather framework
- Made in The Netherlands

Combine the RiZZ | outdoor and indoor mat for maximum efficiency!

Sized to match the door width

RiZZ mats are bigger than you’re used to.
As such, they fit your door better.

Large: Thanks to its 175 cm width, this mat fit patio doors and sliding doors perfectly.
Medium: The 120 cm width is a great fit for large doors.
Small: The 90 cm wide mat fits a single door perfectly.

The outdoor mat scrapes of all the dirt and excess raindrops, but does not dry the shoes. The indoor mat absorbs the moist. And last but not least; the two design mats make a great combination!

Don’t worry. At RiZZ you can order custom made sized mats too. Custom sized mats are great for unique buildings and entrances. In the past we have delivered custom sized mats for palaces as well! Please fill out the form below to show your interest.

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Yes, but not better than “ordinary” products. but it is designed to use outside (where the rain will do some additional cleaning for you). It will scrape of excess water drops. The most practical combination is with a RiZZ indoor dry mat.
When roofed by a patio or shade this could be possible, but we do not recommend it. We suggest you keep all that dirt outside with the outdoor scraping mat. Inside is the best place for the indoor drying doormat, which is the best option to get the moist out.
You can have the mat steamed when needed. The fabric’s open structure is fast drying. When vacuum cleaning, simply hoover the fabric as well.
It is possible to bring an outdoor mat inside. However we do not recommend it. An outdoor mat is especially designed to keep the majority of dirt, such as sand, mud or grass etc. outside. Inside you can make use off the RiZZ indoor doormat, which is the best option to get prevent moisture to enter your home and keep your floor clean.