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Outdoor Broom Teak

Designed for outdoors. This outdoor Broom removes sand and dirt.

It is the single most effective product available. Requires minimal maintenance and is easy to clean.

High-quality materials make sure that the RiZZ broom will serve you well for 10+years

Exceptional quality

Aluminium powder coated profiles.
Massive solid broom stick.

Sand and dirt is easily taken care of because of the unique double brush.
This makes the broom highly effective.

The heart of the broom is the double brush.
They can be easily replaced.
The endcap protects the walls and furniture.

RiZZ is manufacturing brushes since 1941.
Proudly made in The Netherlands.

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Teak broomstick

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30 cm, 40 cm, 50 cm

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Out-door broom

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Anthracite teak, Silver teak, White teak



Outdoor broom benefits

  • Outdoor broom with double brush-strips
  • Removes sand and dirt from hard floors
  • 80 % efficiency
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Easy to clean
  • Aluminum frame powder coated
  • Solid ashwood or teak broom stick
  • Replaceable brushes
  • End cap protects walls and furniture
  • Design Teun Fleskens
  • Made in The Netherlands

Sized to match the interior

RiZZ brooms come in 3 sizes. As such, you can select the right fit for your home.

Large (50cm): Easily cover large surfaces.
Medium (40 cm): Fits everywhere.
Small (30 cm): Ideal fit between chairs.

Frequently Asked Questions about the outdoor broom

First of all; the design. There is really no comparison to others brooms with, for example, the known orange hairs. This broom is a design statement which you hang on the wall, in sight, by using the trumpet hook. A matching trumpet hook is delivered with every broom. The color possibilities of the brooms match the outdoor- and indoor mat. Together they complete the RiZZ concept to keep your home and terrace clean in style. Second is the quality. The brooms have a closed hair structure instead of the open structure that other brooms have. Therefor the dirt does not get stuck in the RiZZ brooms. The broom will truly move the dirt at a single sweep.
The outdoor broom has thicker brush hairs for outside use. Herewith the broom easily moves sand and leaves. The indoor broom has thinner brush hairs for inside use. Herewith you also move smaller dirt parts and dust. The outdoor broom had the slightly bigger steel for heavier use. Both brooms removes dirt & dust from any hard floor. The special design with two different brushes make it the single most effective product available. It requires minimal maintenance and is easy to clean. High quality materials and replaceable brushes make sure that the RiZZ broom will serve you well for 10+ years.