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Don’t worry about sand and dirt walked into the house.
The RiZZ doormat takes care of this, even with profiled soles.
The reduction in sand and dirt walked into the house never stops to amaze.
“Our ambition; a seamless transition between inside and outside”.


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Outdoor mat

Designed for outdoor use on the patio, entrance, front or back door. The doormat removes sand and dirt and is the single most effective product available.

Even with profiled soles, there is 80% efficiency. Requires minimal maintenance and is easy to clean. Equipped with anti-slip.

High-quality materials make sure that the RiZZ door-mat will serve you well for 10+ years. For this, it is important that you place the mat on a flat surface.

Exceptional quality

Aluminium profiles.

Sand and dirt simply falls through the open profile.
This saves a lot of time on cleaning (and it looks better too).

The heart of the doormat is the brush.
UV resistant Nylon filament in a stainless-steel strip.

RiZZ is manufacturing brushes for over 7 decades.
It takes over 10 years for the brush to wear out.
When the years pass the functionality remains at the same level.

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Anthracite, Silver, White

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Out-door mat

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90×60 cm single door, 120×70 cm large door, 175×70 cm patio door



Outdoor mat benefits

- Outdoor mat with brush-strips
- Removes sand and dirt from profiled soles
- 80 % efficiency
- Minimal maintenance
- Easy to clean
- Aluminum frame powder coated
- Solid teak inlay
- Design by Trudie Zuiddam
- Made in The Netherlands

Combine the RiZZ | outdoor and indoor mat for maximum efficiency!

Sized to match the door width

RiZZ mats are bigger than you’re used to.
As such, they fit your door better.

Large: Thanks to its 175 cm width, this mat fit patio doors perfectly.
Medium: The 120 cm width is a great fit for large doors.
Small: The 90 cm wide mat fits a single door perfectly.

The outdoor mat scrapes of all the dirt and excess raindrops, but does not dry the shoes. The indoor mat absorbs the moist. And last but not least; the two design mats make a great combination!

Don’t worry. At RiZZ you can order custom made sized mats too. Custom sized mats are great for unique buildings and entrances. In the past we have delivered custom sized mats for palaces as well! Please fill out the form below to show your interest.

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  • Maximum size width + height; 200 x 250cm
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As to the functionality you need a mat at every entrance to the house. As to the design, the mat really finishes the styling of the entrance or the terrace. I you truly value your home and your guests the beautiful products of RiZZ will reflect your lifestyle.
First of all; the design. You will not find another outdoor mat with such a luxurious appearance. Because of the different colors you can match the mat with your garden furniture, your garden door(‘s) or your entrance. Second is the quality. Our customer use the mat for more than 10 years and even then it is still fully functional. The RiZZ| Outdoor mat scrapes of over 80% more dirt than others mats. The open structure provides that the dirt falls between the brushes instead of getting stuck in the mat.
Lift the mat on one side. Use a broom to sweep away all the sand. It never stops to amaze how much sand will be under the mat (and not in the house). Occasionally you could use water and a brush to clean the mat itself. A mild detergent or green soap can help.
Lift the mat on one side. Use a broom to sweep away sand and dirt. Occasionally you could use water and a brush to clean the mat itself. Or use a garden hose. A mild detergent or green soap can help if the mat gets very dirty.
In all these years we heard of only a few RiZZ doormats that were stolen. The mat is a functional product, which lies flat on the floor. The design is somehow incognito and will blend in with it's surroundings. If however you do feel extra precautions are necessary, feel free to send us an e-mail so we can provide you with suggestions to mount the mat permanently.
Thew outdoor mat is designed to use outside (where the rain will do some additional cleaning wen the mats gets dirty). It will scrape of excess waterdrops, bit won't dries your shoes completley. The most practical combination is to use the outdoor mat together with a RiZZ indoor mat. These are available in the same sizes and colours as our outdoor mats.