RiZZ Doormat The New Standard Anthracite


The doormat that will set the tone for all the others. The RiZZ doormat that matches the size of your door will make your entrance both practical and inviting. Also for the back door, as this is where you will mainly get sand walked into the house. The various different designs and sizes are guaranteed to fit your front door, back door or conservatory door. The collection features a smaller doormat to fit into the urban environment. Bespoke and professional solutions are a specialty in the doormat section. The convenience, unique design and unprecedented ability to keep dirt outside is realising our ambition; a seamless transition between inside and outside with RiZZ.



Indispensable for an inviting entrance is the umbrella stand.

Disc is a rock solid umbrella stand. A playful product it is, as there is a fitting hole for every umbrella no matter how large or small, tall or short. To try it, is to love it!

The Ring captures the very essence of an umbrella stand. The wall mounted ring holds any stick umbrella, while the trumpet hook can be used to hang your pocket umbrella. The basket is a free standing object, making it easy to empty.

Every now and then we launch limited editions of these items!



Wall hooks

Direct your own symphony on the wall! These likable Trumpet wall hooks are applicable in hallway or dressing, but are also used to hang other products from the collection. This small piece shows the strength of the RiZZ design language and forms one of the pillars on which the collection depends. The trumpets are available in many materials, including a sustainable high-tech composite from coconut or beech fibers that we call “liquid wood”.


Wall decoration

Versatile wall decoration that helps to create an atmosphere in which your guests will feel most welcome. Within our collection of wall decoration you will find mirrors and an innovative key cabinet in exclusive materials such as teak, cedar wood and Corian, candle holders with mouth blown glass, teak, Stainless steel and copper. Soon we will launch a collection with ambient lighting. Many of these objects are hung on the wall by means of the trumpet hook. 





Coat hangers in wengé or cedar give warmth and cachet to your interior. The leaf hook in contrasting finishes provides the freedom for individual styling of your RiZZ wardrobe. You may select various colors, new materials or exclusive copper and brass accessories to finish your wardrobe. In order to keep your wardrobe system up to date over the years we bring limited editions accessories in trendy colors.


Coat racks

The RiZZ wardrobe system has been developed over years, it distincts itself by the use of high quality materials and an enormous versatility of possibilities. The high grade stainless steel is complemented with an imperishable coating when a color is selected. Therefore a RiZZ wardrobe can last for generations. You may choose from a range of surprising models that are available from stock and can be styled to your personal needs with a range of accessories in exclusive materials. Individual bespoke wardrobe designs are also available. In close cooperation with the client RiZZ can develop a tailor made wardrobe that is especially designed to match the needs of the user and the designated room. 



Candle stands and candelabras

When creating an atmosphere there is no substitute for candle light. Our glass dome was especially developed to cherish the flame and provide extra cachet to your interior. 

The candles can be used inside and outside because of the unmatched qualities of this range. The flame is shielded from the elements by the glass dome. Again we have chosen high quality stainless steel, with an optional powder coating, as the base for the candelabras and candle stands. Optional coatings are stain free, no need to polish! There are endless variations available with different finishes in exclusive materials to develop a unique piece.



Exclusive objects that are true eye catchers are our passion. Each piece is unique. We love to develop objects that are designed especially for the room in which they are presented. 



Public seating

Any visit to the public space can be turned into an experience. With that goal in mind Teun Fleskens set out to design Chit Chat. A giant rocking bench made of wood or polyester that can seat one to seven people. When you sit down on the Chit Chat you gently move the bench, and anyone who is on it! 

The rocking amazes people and stimulates interaction with their neighbours without violating the comfort zone because people are seated on a round bench. The ice is broken and new contacts are created which really skyrockets the atmosphere. The experience of the public domain will never be the same!








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