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10-year warranty


A stylish and functional welcome that fits every design concept

RiZZ Architect Partnership

Offer The perfect finishing touch for every passageway, and become a RiZZ partner today!

RiZZ Design luxurious mats and brooms leave an excellent first impression at every entrance. RiZZ combines high-end design, quality and functionality with just 3 unique products. Finish any entrance perfectly with RiZZ Design.

Experience luxury, quality and durability;

  • Complements and finishes every luxurious entrance
  • Available In 4 modern colours
  • Possible with frame or frameless
  • Teak inlay option
  • For regular, large and double doors or in custom-size
  • 10 years warranty
  • Available as a complete luxury set
  • Offered in 3D files
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Architect RiZZ

You want only the best

  • Made in the Netherlands
  • 80 years of craftsmanship
  • 10 year guarantee

Happy RiZZ-partners

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Garden Design Lammert Kroesen

Lammert Kroesen

“With this expansion in our showroom, we have a beautiful product that fits perfectly within our total concept. RIZZ mats are highly efficient, durable and can enhance any entrance area to the maximum. We became a dealer to complement our slogan; enjoying your garden four seasons a year, and offer an even broader range of products”

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