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The entrance is the first room that visitors experience. We all know that you never get a second change for a first impression. Therefore, the design of your entrance is vital to how people see you. RiZZ is all about experiencing hospitality trough a perfect ambiance. We design, manufacture and supply the hardware that helps you to create a reception with a perfect ambiance. To further assist and guide you, we share the ideas that come from our research. This is how our journey began;

The history of RiZZ starts in 1941 when the factory was founded as a brush manufacturing company by the Zuiddam family. 7 decades later the company has reinvented itself many times but a few things remain the same: A dedication to craftmanship, a strong focus on the long term and the typical style of a family owned and operated business. It was only in this climate that RiZZ could have been created.

In 2004 the business landscape in which the family brush factory operated was rapidly changing. It became time for the Zuiddam family to reinvent themselves. Beloved for the quality consumer brush products produced for the local market they decided to focus on their strong points; making customers happy with simple, effective and well designed functional products.

Second generation owners Trudie and Evert Zuiddam had been the driving force behind the development of consumer products. They insisted on having a great design for all products; “because there is no joy in making ugly things”.

Dedication and craftsmanship
Dedication and craftsmanship

In these days the idea arose “to make the best doormat in the world”. The factory produced superior quality brushes that could be used for a brush mat with qualitys unlike any other product, while the upcoming market for exclusive outdoor furniture provided a market for such a high end product. September 2007, at the Maison et Objet design exhibition in Paris, The RiZZ doormat had it’s international breakthrough. Since this overwhelming succes thousands of happy users around the world have been served.

While the family business prospered on the RiZZ doormat, Trudie Zuiddam found herself struggling with her health. Finally, she passed away in 2009, leaving her family with great memories of a life well lived and a proven effective and highly original philosophy to product development. Evert and son Sebastiaan dedicated themself to expand the range and make a landmark of RiZZ.

Evert says; “There is plenty of choice if you desire to decorate your kitchen or bathroom in one style. But not for the entrance, both inside and outside, where it is impossible to cater the various functionalities in one style”. As a logical expansion from the doormat, they decided to make this their quest.

Thus began the search for the designer who would not only understand the philosophy, but who would actually embrace it and dedicate himself to the task they took upon them. Finally, April 2011, during Il Salone di Mobile in Milan, They found their guy in young Dutch designer Teun Fleskens.

Teun graduated from the Design Academy in Eindhoven. “Most important in my designs is that they are not only functional but overall meaningful”. His ideas on sustainability and conceptual design were welcomed by Evert and Sebastiaan, while the assignment was inspiring to Teun. He soon became part of the RiZZ family.

April 2013 RiZZ | The entrance collection was finally ready to present to the world. The perfect venue for the presentation was found at Ventura Lambrate in Milan, the Dutch Design hotspot during the Il alone di Mobile. Sebastiaan; “Our field of expertise is the entrance, the central space that accommodates many daily functions and where you make your first impression. A design philosophy was created that improves the various functions of the entrance area, outside and inside, while maintaining a strict and timeless design language”.

A vision for sustainability was also created. Evert Zuiddam; “We believe in timeless pieces that you will want to keep with you, no matter how many times you redecorate your house or how often you move to an another place. Therefore, we make products that can withstand time and even fit in different styles and locations. Indulging yourself in luxury while keeping a clear conscience. With RiZZ that’s possible; Each product was designed to minimise it’s environmental footprint.”

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