The Trumpet Wall Hooks

Coat Hooks

Direct your own symphony on the wall! These likable Trumpet wall hooks are applicable in hallway or dressing, but are also used to hang other products from the collection. This small piece shows the strength of the RiZZ design language and forms one of the pillars on which the collection depends. The trumpets are available in many materials, including a sustainable high-tech composite from coconut or beech fibers that we call “liquid wood”.

The Trumpet


“Clearly inspired by the musical instrument”,
Teun Fleskens, designer. Organise them into
your private orchestra on the wall!!

Why to buy?

  • Be creative, mix and match colours to make
    a decorative wall covering
  • Less is more, the trumpet hook in a basic colour
    can be useful whilst staying incognito

Stainless Steel

A piece € 39,00
RiZZ art. nr. 24.02.000

Set of 3 € 89,00
RiZZ art. nr. 24.00.200



A piece € 49,00
RiZZ art. nr. 24.02.001

Set of 3 € 109,00
RiZZ art. nr. 24.00.218


White bio based plastic

Set of 3 € 35,00
RiZZ art. nr. 24.00.204


Anthracite bio based plastic

Set of 3 € 35,00
RiZZ art. nr. 24.00.203


Beech liquid wood

Set of 3 € 35,00
RiZZ art. nr. 24.00.206


CoCos liquid wood

Set of 3 € 35,00
RiZZ art. nr. 24.00.205

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