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10-year warranty


Who are we

We are a Dutch family business producing in Nijkerk for 80 years. Within the RiZZ family, we are proud of our unique range of sustainable luxury products. These are designed in-house and are still primarily made by craftsmen traditionally, which is how we monitor the quality of our products.

Our promise:
The luxurious RiZZ Mats and Brooms provide the perfect decoration for your home and terrace. In addition to a chic look that matches your personal (life) style, our Dutch Design products guarantee exceptional quality, functionality and durability.

About RiZZ

Our values:

  • Design
  • Sustainability
  • Functionality
  • Quality
  • Craftsmanship
  • Be who you are
  • An eye for detail
  • Our planet
  • Togetherness
  • Stronger together
About RiZZ
About RiZZ

Design philosophy

The design thoughts behind our products:

In a few words, we can describe the RiZZ style as pure, timeless, modern, luxurious, natural versus industrial, straightforward, but effortless.

RiZZ Design originated from “The perfect Finishing touch” and the design idea aspect. You will love the exquisite craftsmanship when using the products.

The main goal of our design is that the products are functional and create added value in and around the house or terrace luxuriously and perfectly.

Together with product designer Teun Fleskens, RiZZ ensured that each product was designed in the most sustainable and environmentally friendly way, keeping focus on durability.

“A timeless and minimalist design, researched comfort, functionality and high-end quality to create the ‘perfect finishing touch’ for every entrance”:

“Show your luxury mats and brooms, don’t hide them.”

Trudie & Evert Zuiddam

Craftsmanship since 1941

Since 1941, several members of the Zuiddam family have contributed to the development of RiZZ as we know it today. The production of brushes is still central, but we are increasingly market-oriented and respond more and more to customer demand in a global market.

Our focus is on sustainability, intelligent solutions and high quality and service.

Since 2015 we have been working according to a new company structure; RiZZ for the more luxurious products and door-line for the regular brushes and draft excluders. The new company structure provides more transparency and gives you a better insight into our activities. With all disciplines together, we can increase the added value for our customers.

RiZZ mats history
RiZZ warehouse
RiZZ factory
Making RiZZ products
Design broom silver

History in short

At the beginning of 2001, Trudie Zuiddam came up with the plan to “make the best doormat in the world.” The brush factory of the entrepreneurial couple Mr. and Mrs. Zuiddam produced the high-quality brushes needed to give the doormat its unique characteristics. The rising market for exclusive outdoor furniture brought a customer base for our high-end products.

The mat was launched in the Netherlands in 2006. In September 2007, during the design exhibition Maison et Objet in Paris, RiZZ experienced its international breakthrough.

Since then, the RiZZ doormat has enjoyed satisfied users worldwide. RiZZ dealers are situated in trendy cities such as Oslo, Stockholm, Hamburg, Amsterdam, Antwerp, London, Paris, New York and everywhere in between.

The high dirt uptake of the mat is a fact well known and appreciated on worldly islands such as the German island Sylt, the French Ile de Ré, and the exotic Reunión. Extreme cold and heat neither pose problems; the mat is used in skiing areas all over the world as well as the most extraordinary places in the Middle East, Africa, Australia, etc.

The RiZZ brush factory in Nijkerk was founded in 1941 by (grand)father Hendrik Zuiddam and his brothers. Trudie Zuiddam passed away in 2009, but her husband Evert Zuiddam and their son Sebastiaan Zuiddam (2nd and 3rd generation in the family business) have continued her work. Centered around the mat, an entire collection of products designed for the entrance of houses and buildings was developed.

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