Become a premium dealer


Thank you for your interest in the premium dealership of RiZZ | Outdoor & Indoor mats and brooms. Are you a high-end retailer or e-tailer and do you focus on clients who love design products? We are looking for a limited number of partners in this top segment of the market, and we would like to get in touch with you.

Our current premium dealers in the worldwide outdoor and indoor market see our design product as the perfect addition to the design of a luxury terrace or entrance. We supply the product which you did not know you were missing in your portfolio.

We will help you to be successful.
Therefore we support you with;

  1. Documentation and pricelist for your client
  2. Showroompresentation starting from 1m2 (for free*)
  3. Promotion through social media
  4. Mentioning on the RiZZ website
  5. Images for your own website
  6. Swift delivery (stock in The Netherlands)
  7. Dropshipment directy to your client is possible
  8. Support by our salesteam


* You only pay for the goods, RiZZ invests in the presentation. Ask for the terms.


We gladly inform you about our conditions and your potential turnover. If you would be so kind to fill in the form, we will contact you as soon as possible.