Outdoor living all year round; what a fantastic idea!

If anything, the last years have exposed an incredible trend amongst most people; the need to be happy and healthy, have fun and primarily socialize with family and friends in our immediate environment as much as possible!

Preferably while enjoying a lovely outdoor area where you can eat and drink. Life is too short not too! A pergola is now an indispensable part of a garden plan or setting when one wants to enjoy the outdoors any time of the year.
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RiZZ & Renson outdoor living
Cook, receive friends, relax or drink a cup of tea while enjoying the excellent fresh air; An extra holiday feeling is at your garden’s disposal!

From summer to autumn:

You can enjoy this outdoor environment for a long time, even when the weather changes and the summer feeling changes to coziness and warmth. You can grab a blanket, a cup of tea, or coffee and relax in your chic and multifunctional outdoor space with a good book or magazine. You will use the outside conservatory/country house almost all year round.

Maintain the relaxed feeling without discomfort:

Keeping floors and entrances clean also plays a significant role when you enjoy and live outdoors.
This feeling is lovely, but it also often brings inconveniences, such as keeping your chic patio floors or tiles clean in a luxurious living environment. It would be best to have high-quality, durable products with a classy style, such as RiZZ luxury mats and Brooms.

Our complete design of luxury doormats concept is to stylishly create a seamless transition from outside to inside and keep your house and terrace clean. With our luxury mats and brooms, you can do just that.

A stylish and functional welcome that fits every personal taste:

When providing your guests with all the fun when you enjoy your outdoor spaces and terraces, you continuously walk sand and dirt in and out every time.
Each RiZZ product in our collection has its function; the outdoor mat removes dirt from your shoes, and the indoor mat dries the sole.
The outdoor broom has a firm fiber for coarser dirt; the indoor broom has a softer fiber for finer dirt and dust. The complete set guarantees maximum effectiveness and keeps dirt outdoors in a stylish way.

RiZZ doormat Renson Experience
So don’t let the lousy autumn weather, rain or even snow put you off! Thanks to our product’s high-quality materials and design, you can live ‘outside’ clean and in style throughout the year.

RiZZ appointed Renson Deco partner Noa Experience:

Our statement is “The perfect finishing touch for every luxurious entrance” and therefore a perfect match for any elegant terrace or garden design. We are pleased to inform you that we have partnered with Renson. Our products will be placed in the Renson “Noa experience center” in Kruisem, Belgium, as one of their deco partners.

Please feel free to go, connect and experience luxury at its best.

For more information about our products, click on luxury mats or luxury brooms.

If you have any questions regarding the above, we will be happy to help you! Please contact our customer service via [email protected] or +31 (0) 33 24 777 00.

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